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I have had a good life. I consider myself very fortunate. But that perception seems incongruent when I reflect on the litany of discovery a psychotherapist uncovered about my life in session some 14 years ago. It appears I had by definition been systematically physically and emotionally abused, assaulted, molested, abducted, ritually humiliated, beaten unconscious, shot at, and run off the road by thugs in a high speed car chase, among other things. These highlights evidently had occurred before I was even old enough to vote.

The degree of violence to which I was as a boy and young man exposed to is in retrospect astounding. And yet, many of the people, and in particular the women in my life I have come to know, have had their own systemic stories of appalling cruelty and violation. What was the common element in all these instances? The perpetrators of the violence were for the most part all men.

I cannot in a few paragraphs begin to even suggest the damage I have seen in this life that men do to themselves and the world around them. Whether those men are in a criminal organization or a spiritual community, whether they are conscious or unconscious about their actions it seems to matter not; always there is some form of violence at work among men in social structures.

I have traveled the world seeking teachers, read and studied the great volumes of scholarly and spiritual books till my eyes blurred, practiced ancient healing arts, participated in male rite of passage rituals, agonizingly searched into my own ineffable soul, and feverishly reached out to touch the hearts of others just trying to understand the human condition and how this current state of human error has come to pass.

But most importantly perhaps, I have by nature lived with my eyes, ears and heart wide open, and found it to be not the easiest, but certainly the deepest recipe for understanding that I know.

Finally, I have come to the rather brash conclusion that this particularly male malevolence can end; and not merely by the routine practices of punishment or morality indoctrination we currently employ in the culture. I believe systemic violence can come to an end naturally, by facilitating an organic evolution of the masculine core. Razing Men is a blueprint for that process.

Ultimately I wrote this book to answer my own questions about men, violence and authentic living within the human experience because I could not find exactly those answers anywhere else. It has become a comprehensive, direct, and fierce examination of the masculine in every aspect, and for me serves as the scar to every wound I have ever sustained at the hands of my lost brethren.

Robert Revel

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