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Examination of contemporary men By Robert A. Revel

"... Group thinking is often vulnerable to corruption, and has always lived under the weight of a peculiar distortion throughout history. Men who have successfully deconstructed their own personal subjective paradigm become free from the tyranny of their own personal conceptual framework, and will by extension then be free from the deep influence of the dangerous box of group-thinking."

"... Unfortunately, and perhaps most critically damaging to our social fabric, is the stunning inertia, the passivity of these so-called "decent" men who themselves stand by and allow the few gallons of toxic men to contaminate the entire pool of male social expression without responding. These stand-by men commit a more insidious quality of passive violence by a category of self-omission, a suppressive unwillingness to do what must be done as men."

"... If being a man means anything at all, it means acting only when his actions clearly benefit and contribute to life as a whole. The fundamental problem in this culture is that as men our actions typically reflect no allegiance to anything beyond our personal myopic world view, and that viewpoint is simply too narrow to be of much coherent service to a broader culture or world, because as a rule, there is little wisdom in isolated perceptions that are fragmented from considerations of the whole."

"... For young men hungry for a more intense order of fraternal unity, traditional contemporary society has little to offer. Bonds forged in combat never lie, and young men intuitively know this. As a result, ethnic street gangs, motorcycle band affiliations, and prison brotherhoods often provide the seemingly straight-up real deal for men willing to put it all on the line for their fraternal order. These groups emphasize one thing above all else, and that is loyalty. In such contexts, betraying a fellow member in particular, or the brotherhood in general can lead to a death sentence or worse. The stakes are high, the commitment is all-in, and the fierce power of the collective order can be intense and intoxicating."

Examination of contemporary men
Redemption of the Masculine Core

Table of Contents

1. What’s It All About?1
2. Lost Boys9
3. Sins of the Father23
4. Men and the American Experiment45
5. Early Male Stages and Initiation67
6. Pair Bonding and Marriage85
7. Deconstruction95
8. The Responsibility of the Masculine117
9. The Masculine Design for Service133
10. Core Masculine Power143
11. Sublimation through the Feminine159
12. Archetypes and Gender Roles165
13. Sexuality173
14. Consciousness, Intelligence and Education187
15. Coherent and Incoherent Masculine Models199
16. End Game217
A Letter to Our Girls229

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